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Evolution Of Insanity

HannahDormanWhat’s going on people? I’m currently writing this on Sunday night mostly because I’m being proactive so I either had a really rubbish day at work or I had an awesome snow day as it’s currently pelting it down with it outside.

The thing that annoys me with snow is every one seems to be totally shocked at the sight of it, like an unevolved tribesman seeing a plane flying past for the first time. Despite the fact that we’ve seen snow at least once every year since the day we were born people feel the need to go on Facebook and type out some inane update like “OMGWTFBBQROFLCOPTER! ITS TOTES SNOWING OUTSIDE! I CANT BELEEVE IT!!!”. Yeah thanks for that, but I do indeed have a window.

Anyway I’m going to do something different for this weeks Music Monday as someone recently sent me a copy of their EP…

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EP title track – WORDS

Have a listen to the title track from the EP – WORDS out on the 1st of Feb!! 🙂


Here’s a few snaps from when we played The Star on Monday 7th Jan, thanks to Tomodo Photography  for these!


In My Place (Acoustic)



Here’s the poster for the EP launch party on the 1st of Feb at The Star in Guildford!
Playing are 2 great artists/bands who are both good friends of mine

Aimee Gould will be opening, a fellow ACM’er and very talented singer songwriter
Followed by
I Am Vexed, old friends of mine who have a very unique sound!
DJ set to take us into the weekend!

It’s 18+ and FREE ENTRY!
EP’s will be available to buy, and limited edition versions!! (signed with a bonus track), t-shirts hand finished by myself plus more! You can’t miss it!

See you there!!!


Hey guys!! Here’s an acoustic video for you, ‘Bring It Back’ is on the EP! Just under 8 weeks to go now! 

Enjoy, please share 🙂